Prompt: Mermaid Flow Chart Visual Explainer

Resulting chart from prompt

Here is a prompt I use to create visual representations using the Mermaid syntax. I use them to enrich my blog posts with visual content.

I aim to get at least 1 image in per 1,000 words and a minimum of two images per post. Needless to say, being able to programmatically create each image really cuts back on the amount of time I spend creating images for my content.

Prompt Text

Generate a flow chart using the mermaid syntax showing how [KEYWORD] works in the body. Cover the mechanism of actions and various pathways. Use simple terms in a top down format but be very thorough in your chart explanation. Do not give explanations, context, or reasoning, just reply the with the mermaid flow chart:

GPT-4 prompt


Replace [KEYWORD] with the desired topic for the chart.


Keyword: Fish oil


graph TB
A[Consumption of Fish Oil] --> B{Body Digestion}
B --> C[Conversion into Omega-3 Fatty Acids]
C --> D[Eicosapentaenoic Acid and Docosahexaenoic Acid Generated]
D --> E[Blood Stream]
E --> F1[Reduced Inflammation]
E --> F2[Improved Heart Health]
E --> F3[Boosted Brain Function]
E --> F4[Improved Eye Health]
E --> F5[Healthier Skin]
E --> F6[Reduced Liver Fat]
F1 --> G1[Less Swelling and Pain]
F2 --> G2[Lower LDL, Higher HDL and Lower Triglycerides]
F3 --> G3[Improved Mental Function and Mood]
F4 --> G4[Improved Vision]
F5 --> G5[Reduced Ageing of Skin]
F6 --> G6[Smaller Size of Fat Cells in Liver]

From there, simply drop the code into

Your result will look like this:

Resulting chart from prompt

Changing the Colors

Unless your site happens to use the default color scheme offered by Mermaid, you’ll want to change it up. I achieve this with a follow up prompt:

I will provide you with Mermaid table syntax. Your job is to style the table. Use #0073c7 for the lines with a stroke width of 2px. Use #E3F2FD for the box fill color. Use #0073c7 for a 1px border and set the border radius to 4px.

GPT-4 prompt

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