Stealing My Competitor’s Entire Funnel Using ChatGPT-4-32k

Stealing my competitor's email funnel with Chat GPT-4-32k

I hate writing copy.

But I also hate leaving money on the table.

Which is why I decided to subscribe to my main competitor’s email funnel and re-write it from scratch with AI (only better).

So far, I’m 2 days into their 7 day “mini-course”. The results are excellent, so I figured I’d share.

I’m about to share the prompt. It’s a big one (over 2,000 tokens)

I’m still waiting for Open AI to give me access to the 32k models. For now I am using my own chatbot setup on

Side note – Poe offers access to GPT-4-32k and Claude-100k, albeit capped at 600 and 1000 messages per month. Something to look into if you don’t see a 32k API key in your future.

The Prompt

This prompt uses a system message to establish the overall goal and background of what my site is about. I included the entire “About Us” page from my website.

System Prompt

Please disregard all previous prompts. Act as an expert copywriter and distinguished linguist working as the lead content manager at [YOUR WEBSITE], a content site themed around [YOUR TARGET NICHE]. Your job is to help me create content for the website that is in line with our about us page, which I will provide to you. You are writing from the perspective of [AUTHOR NAME], the [AUTHOR TITLE] at [YOUR WEBSITE]. Make sure to use the proper writing style that fits the type of content that you are editing. For example, email copy should look much different than blog post copy. Here is the about us page:


System prompt in GPT-4-32k

The About Us page is around 1,000 words give or take. Like any good About Us page, it outlines what the site is about, the goals, who the writer is, etc.

I then used Harpa with my own GPT-4 keys summarize an article about writing good email copy. Then I re-wrote the summary into a condensed list of action items, and then added those final instructions into the prompt.

The Main Prompt

I am going to give you my competitors email copy and I want you to re-write it for our email sequence titled “[EMAIL SEQUENCE / COURSE NAME]“. Use the following guidelines when writing the copy: 1. Craft your email for quick readability, using short paragraphs and highlighting key ideas.
2. Ensure a smooth flow from subject line to main body for easy comprehension.
3. Use an enthusiastic tone to spark your reader’s emotions and highlight your offer’s value.
4. Match your tone to your brand and aim for positive reader engagement.
5. Provide credible evidence, such as data or figures, to reinforce your message.
6. Subtly repeat your main message or offer to effectively reinforce it.
7. Implement Cialdini’s principles of persuasion: reciprocity, commitment, consistency, consensus, liking, authority, scarcity.
8. Follow the ‘CRABS’ principle: Chunk your information, keep it Relevant, make it Accurate, keep it Brief, make it Scannable.

The email title I want you to rewrite is: [COMPETITOR TITLE]

The copy I want you to rewrite is: [COMPETITOR TEXT]

Competitor copy re-writer prompt.

As you can see, the prompts are big. The results are incredible, though.

After copying the whole week’s sequence, I went out and found some alternative affiliate programs to promote.

Already have one approved and ready to pay out 30% commissions!

Now it’s as simple as setting up an email-sequence inside your email tool of choice. I’m using SendFox (Lifetime Deal on Appsumo)

A good email list can be very lucrative. I’ve heard the figure $1/email/month thrown around before.

My outbound traffic, on average, converts between 4-6%.

The first offer in the funnel (in the telehealth niche) has an average conversion rate of 2.5% network-wide and pays out 30% of an average $180 sale. I’d love to see EPCs over $1.00 – but we’ll see!

I’ll be back with the results once I start doing some volume with the offers.



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